Ezequiel Kids Television Show

Dance Studio Backdrop in Situ, 2020, Digital

Ezequiel Character Turnaround, 2020, Digital

Ezequiel Character Sheet, 2020, Digital

Ezequiel Props Sheet, 2020, Digital

Family Character Sheet, 2020, Digital

Friends Character Sheet, 2020, Digital

Ezequiel's Bedroom Backdrops with in Situ, 2020, Digital

Kavya Character Sheet, 2020, Digital

Grandpa Lucas Character Sheet, 2020, Digital

Ezequiel Maquette, 2020, wire armature, clay, wood, acrylic

Posted on: May 6, 2020
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"Ezequiel" the kid's television show is a story of acceptance and passion in a colorful world of ballet, video games, and friendships. The show follows our namesake main character, Ezi, and his friends as he strives to become a ballet dancer in a family built on the notion that "boys don't do ballet."
With an emphasis on family dynamics, the goal of this cartoon was to shed light on many overlooked aspects of the ballet world while also touching on important social topics, such as LGBTQ+ acceptance, support from friends and family, and gender stereotypes. An inclusive environment with diverse characters allows viewers to relate to the characters within the show and enjoy watching them succeed, all while learning a thing or two about the world.

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