Unwritten Roads Student Films Fest Campaign

Posted on: August 7, 2021
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This fun, vibrant campaign advertises the Student Films Fest for Unwritten Roads, a mobile program that offers unique creative writing courses and screenwriting/filmmaking workshops to children and teens in Maine. Using original illustrations, inspiration from '90s graphic design, and movie theater motifs the 11 x 17 inch poster and additional assets celebrate the efforts of Unwritten Roads students and their film work. In addition to the poster and social media images, the client also wanted fun material objects for students. The t-shirt design offers a blank space on a Polaroid picture for students to write names, places, or dates with marker.

Design Intern: Maggie Cote / Design Intern: Kristen DeVico / Design Director: Amy Parker / Agency: Woods Creative
Unwritten Roads logo design by Woods Creative.

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