Greater Portland Panorama

Posted on: September 11, 2017
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Greater Portland Panorama is an installation of over one hundred twelve-inch landscape paintings of Portland, South Portland, Westbrook, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, and Falmouth, Maine, ??Landscapes by the Foot.? I noticed one day while preparing my work for a show that the similar horizon lines of my landscape paintings made a new landscape when placed side by side. This new landscape happened regardless of the different subject in each painting. I then imagined a long line of landscapes in a large space and how that line would draw the viewer in and out of each piece and back to the whole leading one as a journey. The individual works vary from beach to marsh to golf course to cityscape to mill building. My main interest in each painting is color and the relation of shapes. The subjects for my paintings come from having lived in Greater Portland all my life and knowing intimately the places of our daily lives. I bring my vision and experience of the place to the viewer and I hope these works make you reconsider what you see every day and help you see equal beauty in the scenic and the ordinary.

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Caren-Marie Michel

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BFA Alumni

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 1978

Artist Statement:

My main interest is color in the landscape. I am inspired by nature and the effects of light, time, season, place and color. My paintings come from frequent walks and travels, bringing my vision and experience to the viewer, most often painting on location. I also am interested in the manmade landscape and have set out to document how our urban landscapes continually change. I see the world as a painting, whether it is the old mill downtown, the fire station, golf course, mountain or beach.