Skull Chest Pit

Nov. 2017

Concept sketch by Prof. Adam deGrandis

1: My version: 3D Model and UV, Sep. 2017

Overhead View: Pit Antechamber

Pit Concept Sketch, Oct. 2017

Full Maya model of the Pit

Untextured Cyclops 3D Model

Posted on: May 7, 2018
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This was a multi-part project in my Advanced 3D Modeling class.

Starting as our first project in September, the class was tasked to replicate the provided concept art of a Skull Chest with our own slight interpretations. And overall, the modeling went well without a hitch in Maya.

Then in October, we make our own concept for an area to place the chest. But I wanted to go bigger a make a cyclops body for the chest, since it looks like a skull head. All the while making a pit for the models to imprison the Cyclops.

After texturing a making the model, in early November, we imported the models into the game engine Unity to set up the game scene and add various special effects. Effects such as water drops, glowing orbs and eyes, then a spotlight.

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